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It’s a simple story.  Art Guru LLC was founded to get quality sketchbooks into the hands of students and artists.

This all started because Art Guru owner and elementary art educator Scott Miller, saw a need for a better sketchbook for the students in his classroom.  Scott set out to create his own custom sketchbook and that effort turned into something even bigger than his classroom.  As it turned out, there were other art educators looking for something better for their students. Word started to spread and interest in Art Guru sketchbooks grew.  If the story ended here, that would not be a bad thing, but there’s more to tell.

Teachers are now coming back to Art Guru and asking to put their own twist on an Art Guru product.  Educators are tailoring and customizing the product to better fit their students and their situation (things like adding in specific rubrics and adjusting the size/format).  That sort of thoughtful reflection and change is exactly why Art Guru was created!

We've tried to keep this online thing pretty simple.  You won't find a bunch of product to choose from.  Instead, tell us what you want your sketchbook to be and we will make it!  That's what we do.


ART GURU Sketchbooks


The Original Art Guru Sketchbook

Sometimes a blank page is all you need to get started.  For that, you want our Art Guru Sketchbook.  All of our books use 70 lb vellum and have sturdy front and back covers.

Looking for a place to develop your ideas?  This may be it!

Custom Sketchbooks

Want to create something new?  We do that too!  In fact, it's our most popular option!  Contact us and let us know what you want your sketchbooks to look like.  We will see what we can do to make it a reality.


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The Studio Sketchbook

Are you wanting to track your growth as an artist?  Maybe you’re a teacher looking for artifacts to show student-growth?  The Studio Sketchbook with its outlines for reflection, planning, and artist statement pages is what you are looking for.


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